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Missing Follow Through

After I posted about wanting to share my lost interests, I dove in.   I dove so far that I didn’t always document, and I haven’t yet figured out my best plan for sharing.  I got derailed by my less than fantastic computer and my less than fantastic work space.   For the time being, I combine the architecture with the lost and designed a graphic heavy version of my portfolio.  I have mixed feelings about it.  I love how some of the pages turned out, but I’m not sure whether it represents my work in a way that helps get to my dream job.  I’m apprehensive.   Maybe that’s a good sign though.  I designed a resume and letter to match as well.

 New Portfolio



I spent a large portion of the weekend giving my portfolio a little extra love.   The projects are the same, I just added some more layers.   I’m still not an architect, I still want to be.


Final Product

Here is the presentation for our final review.  Its basically like the board but with more images and renderings…


Final presentation


The countdown began a long time ago, but I think this morning when my roommate added hours to it, it got real.  I’m only going to be in the Phoenix for approximately 66 more hours, and only in the US for about 76 more hours.  Argentina is happening and I have 3 partially packed suitcases, a bill for 3 vaccinations that’s I’d never need in the US, and a to-do list about 8 miles long to prove it.  Right now though, I don’t really feel like talking about that.

I took a class this summer at ASU called meditations on making.   It was far more work than I ever thought it would be, but quite rewarding at the same time.  And I must say, I even surprised myself with the amount I was able to accomplish considering that I was also working 40 hours a week at an internship where I also needed to learn a few new things and take on responsibilities.  Granted I never could have done it if I hadn’t been working side by side with a good friend who was also in the class, I survived.  Here is the Documentation of that experience.