Lost interests

One of the biggest contradictions I faced in architecture school was a loss of my interests.  The interests above and beyond design are what make you unique and a better designer.   They give you a voice to apply to your designs and spring boards to bounce off.   They also rarely fit into the studio culture and crunch.    When you’re spending your nights and weekends living and breathing homework, it’s hard to find time to cook or take road trips or create anything that’s not directly related to your school work.   A lot of those interests beyond design get shoved to a back burner or the back of a closet somewhere.

When you graduate, it’s important to reintroduce these interests.They are what will make you interesting on a job interview, or to your coworkers.  They provide an outlet when work is stressful.  They might even help you relate to a boss or client.

I’ve found it very difficult to reintroduce my interests after graduation.   Since I’m still trying to find and land my dream job, there’s a part of me that says “Your hobby is finding and landing your dream job, you can dance and paint and write once you have it!”   I think it’s the same part of me that locked all of this potential inspiration out of my projects.  As much as I want to attain step 2 of my goal of becoming a licensed architect, I know I deserve to do things that make me feel happy and inspired.   This is as good of a place as any to try to hold myself accountable for those interests.   It even gives me a place to pursue one of them (writing) while possibly showcasing some of the others.  So I will try to start posting things…  A piece of writing, a recipe, a picture… something I did because I enjoyed it.

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