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Before I left for Buenos Aires a coworker who had been here gave me a list of foods to try.  Since I’ve been here for nearly 2 months I’ve finally gotten through most of the list.  Here are some of the foods I’ve tried and my thoughts:


For the most part yum. Granted I’ve had good and bad experiences (cold empanadas in the school cafeteria are not all that great) my favorites are Eulogia (Carne with olives and raisins), Humita (kinda like corn chowder in an empanada), Caprese, and Carne.


No one told me this was just a sausage sandwich.  Some places go a little heavy on the bread on these, but overall I like it.


Sometimes the texture is a little off, but its sausage.


Not a fan.  To me these where like a terribly heavy version of cavatelli

Pollo Milanesa Napolitana:

After some less than exciting chicken experiences I went for the veal milanesa instead.  I enjoyed it.


I’ve tried quite a few of these.  I think my favorites are the plainer ones with dulce de leche and not too much chocolate or white chocolate or anything else.


I finally bought my own matte cup so I can have this.  I have to say I prefer the citrus flavored one to the original, just because the original is muy fuerte!


YUM.  Enough said.

Budin de Pan:

I think this is bread soaked in flan? don’t know but it was also good.

Dulce de leche:

This goes well with popcorn, peanut butter (which we successfully found thank goodness), crackers, bread, apples… oh and on ice cream.

I still have a few more to try, but overall the food here is usually good enough that I don’t miss too much from home, although I do kind of miss a lot of normal tomato sauce on my pizza!

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