el Futbol

I’ll admit, I have quite a back log of posts I want to work on since I’ve been busy exploring everything Buenos Aires for the past two weeks AND taking 16 hours of Spanish classes per week.

One of the most exciting and interesting things I’ve done so far here is attend a futbol game.  We took the subway and the bus out to San Lorenzo’s stadium to see San Lorenzo play Lanus.   These are Argentinian futbol’s equivalent of minor league teams, with many player who may eventually play for the Argentinian National team or in Europe.

The game ended 1-0 with Lanus winning, which wasn’t all that exciting, though that didn’t seem to matter to the San Lorenzo fans.   The crowd was intense!   They sang and chanted and yelled for basically the entire 90 minutes and then some.  There was no alcohol sold at the game, but that didn’t matter to the incredibly passionate fans.

During the game we of course learned some new choice Spanish vocabulary for outside of the classroom, but the best part was a very sarcastic man behind us who kept saying “muy bien” and saying that the team should invite their mothers to play in their place.

The game was a lot of fun, and if the school schedule permits, I’d love to go to another one!  Now I just need to figure out which team’s jersey I want to buy before I go home.


(Thanks to Lauren for the group picture)

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