We’ve Arrived!

So yesterday morning after about 2 hours of waiting in various lines at the airport and a cab ride with a  very nice driver who spoke as much english as I speak spanish, we made it to our hotel for the weekend!  I’ll attach some pictures at the end.  We’ve been able to explore our neighborhood a little and a start learning the buses.  Our hotel is right around the corner from our apartment, so everything we’ve found so far will still apply 🙂

I’m really trying to adjust to picking up enough spanish to get by.  I’ve noticed a little that when people look at me or see my name they’re a little confused when I give them a blank stare and say “Mi español es muy malo por favor hable despacio”  I’m sure this will be remedied after our spanish classes and a little more time.

Last night we tried a pizza place and little bar in Palermo Soho.  It was fun, and interesting to enter a restaurant and then walk up stairs and be on an outside terrace again without passing through any doors. It was a good night, and I had some tastey pizza (it was similar to Classic Italian Pizza which I like to frequent in Tempe, but cheaper) and delicious lemonade, and of course beer.  We missed our bus on the way hope, which resulted in a long wait at the stop, but it was still fun.

We went to the Alto Palermo mall today to buy cell phones.  The mall was pretty much like any American mall, but the building looked very different from the outside.  I know that in bigger cities in the US it’s probably like this too, but it was strange to just walk right into a giant mall off the street without crossing through a giant parking lot.  Ordering in the food court was a little fast paced for me, but the cashier was nice and able to explain my choices slowly enough that I figured out how to order tricolor gnocci with red meat sauce and a sprite even though I really wanted to try pomelo. This lunch was far too much food for me, but pretty good for a mall food court in my estimate.

Apparently some of the guys from our group live right by the Mall, it’s good to know that we’ll be able to catch up with them really easily even though they’re not in walking distance of everyone else.

When we got back we explored our neighborhood a little and found another smaller mall and a lot of neat little cafes and store.  Hopefully later tonight we’ll be able to catch up with the rest of the group now that more of us are settled in.

One thought on “We’ve Arrived!

  1. Keep updating this blog! I love it! Hope you’re having a blast!

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