Monthly Archives: May 2011

Context actually is important

I toyed with the idea of just diving into posting, but after all these years in architecture school I’ve managed to learn something: context is actually important.  So I’ll give a little context beyond the little “What’s This?” blurb. I live in Arizona, where I like to think that the heat makes people say and do crazy things. I absorb a lot of media, movies, television, music, webcomics, I apparently have a large dictionary of reference and quotes stored in my brain and I’m not afraid to use them.  I don’t like to think of myself as the architecture student who eats, breaths, and lives design.   Well, maybe I do during the last few weeks of the semester, but the rest of the year I like to do other things like read books about things other than architecture, go to concerts, attempt to learn guitar (that’s actually a very very new project), and maybe even play video games.

This blog probably won’t be about any of those things, but this is all good context, and sometimes there will be overlap.